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Welcome to ALYSE PARC AUTO, your essential travel partner.

Fly off with total peace of mind !


    Our prices :


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Flat rates are automatically calculated based on the booking dates which are on the www.alyseparking.com. web site. The duration of car care and transfers is calculated by 24-hour periods. Every day started is due. For people presenting on park “without having previously booked” (via alyseparking.com website or phone), a surcharge of 2 euros will be applied.
For all persons booking online or by phone the day before or the day of their departure, a surcharge of 2 euros will be applied.

Located 7 minutes from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, ALYSE PARC AUTO offers you simple and efficient solutions to park your car safely  at the best price, (car, bikes and motorbikes,  luxury vehicles.…) with the best security solutions (CCTV, controlled access, lighting, security guards …) .

Two car  parks  (indoor and outdoor) as well as two transport options,  are at your disposal.

The advantages of ALYSE PARC AUTO :

Comfort and simplicity: no need to ask the family for a lift, nor to wait for a shuttle, nor to carry any baggage.  

Punctuality: a key value of ours.

Last-minute booking: possible 6 hours before your departure.

High-quality service: available 24/7  and on national holidays, with the possibility of communicating in 4 languages  (French, English, Italian, Spanish).

Four good reasons to trust us

Free Shuttle Service

We offer a free shuttle service for your transfer from the car park to your terminal, on the way as well as on the way back.

Valet service upon request

We will organise the meeting point at the terminal to  collect your vehicle and we’ll bring it  directly back to the airport for you upon your return.

Caring for your car

Our services, which are available in your absence, will help you gain valuable time: full valet service (interior and exterior cleaning), maintenance, MOT roadworthiness test, tires, etc …

Relaxation area

Finally, we offer you a “relaxation” area with armchairs, coffee and refreshments. At ALYSE PARK AUTO, we take care of both you and your vehicle, turning a potential chore into a pleasant moment to relax.

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Do you want more information or to book directly?

Get in touch with us and we will reserve you a place with the appropriate option as soon as possible.

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