ALYSE PARC AUTO LYON – Chemin des Blaches 38540 GRENAY Joint-stock company with a capital of 100,000 Euros – Corporate purpose: Storage and guarding of motor vehicles.

ALYSE PARC AUTO MARSEILLE – 17, rue de Lisbonne – ZI les Estroublans 13127 VITROLLES – Corporate purpose: Storage and guarding of motor vehicles.

ALYSE PARC AUTO TOULOUSE – 8 Route de Seilh – 31700 Cornebarrieu – Corporate purpose: Storage and guarding of motor vehicles.

ALYSE PARC AUTO BASEL-MULHOUSE – 3 rue de Nancy – 68220 Hésingue – Corporate purpose: Storage and guarding of motor vehicles.

Service description

ALYSE PARC AUTO offers a storage and guarding service for motor vehicles in a secure gated car park ? interior and/or exterior ? with free transfers to and from a selection of airports, 24/7.

The car park is completely enclosed by a fence and CCTV records and stocks images 24/7.

Article 1 – Conditions of use

The ALYSE PARC AUTO service ? providing secure parking and transfers via minibus ? is only available through prior reservation (by using the website or by calling us).

An additional 2 euros (including VAT), will be charged for any person arriving at the car park without having reserved.

An additional 2 euros (including VAT), will be charged for any person reserving online or by phone, the day before or the day of their departure.

Subscribing to the “reservation” service implies accepting the present General Sales Conditions. The vehicle is parked inside or outside, based on your choice and on available space when you make your reservation.

Article 2 – Drop off and pick up times for your vehicle

ALYSE PARC AUTO is open 24/7 to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

Article 3 – Terms for the drop off and pick up of your vehicle

For the drop off of vehicles, an estimated time of arrival will be asked for and the customer must give one when making a reservation.

The customer must take into account the duration of travel between the ALYSE PARC AUTO car park and the airport in question as well as possible delays on the road.

The customer must give his return flight number and estimated time of arrival at the airport, at the latest when he drops his car off.

Upon his return and after having retrieved his luggage and passed through Customs, the customer must call ALYSE PARC AUTO on the number found on the form given to him when he dropped off his car, to inform them of his arrival.

The meeting point for picking up passengers at the airport is generally in the car park’s “quick drop-off” area of their return terminal.

ALYSE PARC AUTO denies all responsibility for delays or prolonged waiting times. The customer must respect the times given to him and assume the consequences of delays. ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to cancel a reservation made if the person does not show up within an hour of their planned time.

Geographical location of car parks: ALYSE PARC AUTO has multiple storage car parks at their disposal in a 2-mile radius of their reception area. During peak times, some vehicles may be parked in peripheral car parks. This can explain a higher mileage on the vehicles in question.

Our teams may also call upon outside contractors for additional services on your car, in a 2-mile radius of the reception area.

Article 4 – Objects/Personal property forgotten in the shuttle

Any customer having forgotten an object or personal item in an ALYSE PARC AUTO shuttle which is found by an ALYSE PARC AUTO member of staff may ask for it to be returned via the postal service. The cost of packaging and postage will be charged and invoiced to the customer.

Article 5 – Annex services

Annex services can be ordered online from the website via the reservation procedure. It is also possible to reserve them upon arrival at the car park. However, we can not ensure that the cleaning service will be available if reserved upon arrival.

ALYSE PARC AUTO will not provide refunds or credit for reserved annex services.

Article 6 – Rates and payment methods

Fixed prices are automatically calculated based on the reservation date found on the “” website. The duration of storage and transfers is calculated based on 24-hour periods. Each day started must be paid in full.

Payment is made when placing a reservation on our website via secure payment using a credit card.

You may also pay when you drop your car off, via credit card or cash.

For people who haven’t reserved in advance, payment is made via credit card or cash.

ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to change their rates at any time; the rates applied will be those given when the reservation was made.

Vehicles such as vans, trucks, motor homes and cars with trailers will have to pay an additional cost.

Article 7 – Responsibilities

ALYSE PARC AUTO’s insurance company: MMA ASSURANCES LLC A.2.S Contract n°29919693 R

ALYSE PARC AUTO MARSEILLE’s insurance company: Contract A 144861802.

ALYSE PARC AUTO TOULOUSE’s insurance company: Contract COMING SOON.


The vehicle entrusted to and taken care of by ALYSE PARC AUTO is insured by the customer’s insurance company during its stay. The condition of your car is checked via CCTV upon your arrival at the car park.

Warning: Customers must drive slowly when they enter the car park in order to ensure a usable video quality. If this rule is not respected by the customer and the video is unusable, no claims will be taken into account by Management.

Large signs are present at the entrance with this rule written on them.

The customer’s vehicle’s mileage will be asked for and added to his reservation sheet. The keys will be placed in a strong room.

ALYSE will take full responsibility for any damage caused to the car’s bodywork during its time parked on the ALYSE car park, as long as the video showing the car’s condition is usable and that the customer’s claim is made while the car is still in the car park. The damage must be witnessed by a member of ALYSE PARC AUTO’s staff.

Important: any customer wanting to view the video will be charged a total of 40 euros (VAT included). This amount covers the travel costs of a video technician.

If it turns out that the damage witnessed on the vehicle was not present upon arrival at the car park, the 40 euros (VAT included) will be refunded to the customer and the cost of repairs will be covered.

If the damage was already present, the 40 euros will not be refunded and no repairs will be covered.

Once the customer’s vehicle has left the car park, NO CLAIM will be attended to by ALYSE PARC AUTO.

We do not check the condition of the car when you leave the ALYSE PARC AUTO car park. The customer must check its condition before leaving.

ALYSE PARC AUTO denies all responsibility for damage received during an event linked to a civil or foreign war or due to atmospheric conditions such as storms, hail, fires, water damage or any other damage caused by natural or exceptional events.

ALYSE PARC AUTO denies all responsibility for any type of breakdown (flat tire which could be due to a slow puncture from before the car arrived, cracks in the windshield which could be due to temperature changes, battery failure etc.) as well as for glass breakage (except assault or vandalism).

If the vehicle incurs battery failure, ALYSE PARC AUTO is authorised to start the car using a booster or jumper leads so that the customer may leave safely.

If the car doesn’t start once the battery has been boosted, ALYSE PARC AUTO will not be held responsible. The customer will have to call a breakdown service at their own cost and no claim can be made to ALYSE PARC AUTO.

If a tire is deflated, ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to inflate it in order to not damage the wheel rim when the vehicle is moved around the car park.

ALYSE PARC AUTO denies all responsibility for luggage or personal property left in the stored cars and/or during transfers (departure and return). No inventory will be established for the interior of vehicles and thus no claim can be made concerning the interior of the vehicle.

Article 8 – Transfer of passengers

ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to exclude any passenger whose behaviour may pose a problem to the rest of the group or if they are a danger for others’ safety: aggressive, refusal to respect the other passengers, etc.

The consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or any other prohibited product is forbidden on the ALYSE PARC AUTO compound and in any transfer vehicle.

Article 9 – Cancelling a reservation

When making a reservation on the website, a cancellation insurance is offered to the customer. A full refund (not including insurance) or credit will be provided to any customer who bought this insurance by simple request:

  • by e-mail or by phone to our services at least 2 hours before the planned arrival time at the car park (no matter the event which changed the travel plans)
  • on the website via your customer account at least two days before your planned arrival date.

For any reservation not including cancellation insurance, no refund (in part or in full) or credit will be given.

If the customer returns earlier than planned (no matter the reason), they will not be refunded (even if they opted for the cancellation insurance).

Article 10 – Claims

Only claims made before leaving the ALYSE PARC AUTO compound will be taken into account and attended to by our experts.

Article 11 – Personal data

The gathering of personal data by ALYSE PARC AUTO is done in accordance with the 1978 data processing and freedom law. The customer gives consent for his personal information to be used by ALYSE PARC AUTO in order to create a customer file for their company. ALYSE PARC AUTO will not share this information unless they have been authorised to do so by the customer.

In accordance with articles 39 and above of law n°78-17 from the 6th of January 1978 concerning personal data, files and freedom, any person can receive, rectify or remove any information about themself.

The customer agrees that he has acquainted himself with all of the characteristics and components concerning ALYSE PARC AUTO’s proposed services as well as those found in the present document.

Confirming a reservation implies that the customer fully accepts the present General Sales Conditions.

If there is reason for debate, the concerned city’s tribunal (Lyon, Toulouse, Mulhouse or Marseille) will be empowered to adjudicate.