ALYSE PARC AUTO – 203 Chemin des Blaches 38540 GRENAY SAS with a capital of 100.000 Euros – Corporate purpose: Automobile parking and secure storage.

Definition of service

ALYSE PARC AUTO  offers an automobile parking and secure storage service in a secure  outdoor and / or covered car park, with free transfers  to and from the airport of Lyon Saint Exupéry  24 hours a day,  7 days a week.

The car park is entirely enclosed by a 2.03 metre-high fence and a video surveillance system which is active 24 hour a day, 7 days a week,  with recording and storage of images.

Article 1 – Conditions of use

The ALYSE PARC AUTO  Service, which provides car parking, security caretaking and different transfers by minibus, is only accessible by prior booking (via website or by telephone).

For people presenting on the park without prior reservation , a surcharge of 2 euros will be applied.

For all persons booking online or by phone the day before or the day of their departure, a surcharge of 2 euros will be applied.

The fact of subscribing to the « bookings » service implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. The vehicle is parked, by choice  and subject to availability when booking, in an outdoor or covered car park.

Article 2 – Vehicle drop-off and collection times  

ALYSE PARC AUTO is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for vehicle drop-off and collection.

Article 3 – Vehicle drop-off and collection terms  

For vehicle drop-offs,  an approximate time of arrival will be requested and should be communicated by the client when booking.

It is up to the client to allow enough time for the trip between ALYSE PARC AUTO  car park and LYON ST EXUPERY airport (about 10 minutes in normal traffic conditions, including the time required to meet the client and load luggage) and also to allow for any  unexpected traffic hazards.

The client is required to communicate the return flight number and time of arrival at the airport. This must be done at vehicle drop-off at the very latest.

Upon return, after retrieving luggage and going through Customs, the client must notify ALYSE PARC AUTO  of his/her arrival by calling the number written on the sheet submitted to him/her at vehicle drop-off.

The meeting point for passenger pick-up at the airport is normally the “drop-off point” car park at the return terminal.

ALYSE PARC AUTO  declines any responsibility in case of delay or waiting time. The client must respect the times that have been given to him/her and take responsibility for all the consequences if he/she is delayed  ALYSE PARC AUTO  reserves the possibility of cancelling a booking for a no-show of over an hour late.

Article 4 – Objects/ personal belongings left in the shuttle

Any client who leaves a personal object or belonging in one of the ALYSE PARC AUTO  shuttles, and which is recovered by ALYSE PARC AUTO  staff,  may request that it be returned by post. The cost of the package and postage shall be borne by the customer, and shall be  invoiced.

Article 5 – Additional services

Any additional service ordered by the client will be due and payable at vehicle drop-off.   No refunds or credits will be made by ALYSE PARC AUTO  .

Article 6 – Prices and payment methods

Flat rates are calculated automatically according to the booking dates which feature on the site « ». The duration of secure caretaking and transfers is calculated by 24-hour periods. Every day started is due.

Payment is made directly at time of booking by secure credit card payment on our website or at vehicle drop-off by cheque, credit card or cash.

For people who have not previously booked , payment is by credit card or cash.

ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to change price rates at any time; the rates effective at the time of booking will be applied.

Vehicles like van, utility, camping-car and vehicles with trailers will be applying an extra charge.

Article 7 – Responsibilities


Contract n°29919693 R

The vehicle entrusted to and taken care of by ALYSE PARC AUTO  is insured for the duration of the parking period by the client’s insurance company. A ‘current condition of vehicle’ form is filled out at vehicle drop-off and must be countersigned by the client. Vehicle mileage will be noted. The keys of the vehicle will be stored in a strong room.

If the client  refuses to countersign the ‘current condition of vehicle’ form, ALYSE PARC AUTO  will accept no responsibility for any subsequent claims.

ALYSE undertakes to cover any eventual damage to the bodywork of the client’s vehicle during its stay in the ALYSE car park, provided that the ‘current condition of vehicle’ form has been accepted by the client when the vehicle is handed over to ALYSE, that the damage is reported by an ALYSE member of staff and that an updated ‘current condition of vehicle’  statement is made before the client leaves the car park.

ALYSE PARC AUTO accepts no responsibility in case of any incident related to events of   civil wars, foreign wars or due to weather conditions such as storms, hail, fire, water damage and other damage related to natural causes, whether they be exceptional or not.

ALYSE PARC AUTO accepts no responsibility in case of any type of vehicle breakdown or  glass breakage, excluding aggression or vandalism.

ALYSE PARC AUTO accepts no responsibility for any luggage and personal belongings that remain in the vehicles left in our care and / or during transfers (to and from airport).

Article 8 –  Passenger transfer

ALYSE PARC AUTO reserves the right to exclude any passenger whose behaviour may cause a disturbance to the rest of the group or which is likely to create a risk to the safety of others: aggression, non-respect of other passengers etc.

The consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and any prohibited product is strictly forbidden on the premises of  ALYSE PARC AUTO and in transfer vehicles.

Article 9 –  Booking cancellation

When booking on the website, cancellation insurance is offered to the customer. A full refund will be made for every customer who subscribes to this cancellation insurance by requesting it by e-mail or by phone  at least 2 hours before the planned time of  arrival at our car park (regardless of the event which has caused cancellation).

In case of non-acceptance of this cancellation insurance, no refunds or credits will be made, regardless of the situation invoked.

When booking by phone, the approach is the same. The client will be offered the cancellation insurance and can accept it or not.

In case of an advanced client return date, no partial refund will be made, whether the client has subscribed to cancellation insurance or not.

For bookings made via a reservation centre (whichever one this may be), no refunds or credits will be made.

Article 10 – Claims

Only claims made before leaving the ALYSE PARC AUTO  area shall be taken into account and shall be subject to the intervention of our experts.
Article 11 – Personal data

The collection of personal data by the company ALYSE PARC AUTO is done in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1978. The client agrees that this information be used by ALYSE PARC AUTO as part of its activity to constitute a customer file. Except if expressly authorized to do so by the person concerned when booking, ALYSE PARC AUTO agrees not to transmit this information.

In accordance with Articles 39 and in compliance with  Law No. 78-17 of 6th  January 1978 relating to information technology, computer files and liberties, any person may obtain and, if necessary, correct or delete information about themselves.

The client acknowledges that he/she is aware of all the terms and conditions of  the services offered by ALYSE PARC AUTO and outlined in the above document.

The confirmation of any reservation implies, on the part of the client, acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

In case of dispute, only Lyon court shall be empowered to rule.