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  • Why pay in advance?
    Paying in advance ensures that your space is reserved and allows us to optimise the organisation of our schedule in order to provide you with the best quality for your transfer.
  • How do the shuttles work?
    Our shuttles function continuously 24/7. Upon your departure, the shuttle will drop you off at your terminal within 15 minutes of arriving at our car park. When you return and have found your luggage, you simply need to call our shuttle (using the number given to you when you arrive at the car park), so that

it can pick you up in the following 10 minutes in front of your terminal. And that’s how the magic happens!

  • What should I do if I’m running late or if my plane is delayed?
    Thanks to the flight number that you provide us with, we can follow your flight’s progress and are informed of any delays that may take place. We adapt to your new timetable to come and pick you up.
    If you are late arriving, you just need to call us to inform us.
  • If I do not yet have an exact flight time, can I still make a reservation?
    Do you not yet have the exact times for your flight? Don’t fret, you can still make a reservation! Just leave the time at 00:00 and send us an e-mail or call us to provide us with your exact flight times as soon as you have them.
  • How far in advance should I reserve a space?
    You can reserve a space up to 6 hours before your departure.
  • How do I know if there is space left in the car park?
    If you can reserve online, then there is space left in our car park. When the car park is full, our website will automatically block reservations.
  • Do I have to leave my car at Alyse?
    No, you can also use our valet service. We will agree on a time to pick up your car from the terminal and will bring it back to the airport upon your return!
  • How is the condition of my car checked?
    The condition of your car is automatically checked via CCTV when you enter our car park.

All parts of your car are filmed in order to ensure that no damage has occurred while your car is with us!

  • Are you equipped to transport children?
    Our shuttles are all capable of carrying car seats and booster seats. All you need to do is inform us of how many children will be travelling with you when you make your online reservation! Both young and old are happy when they travel with Alyse Parc Auto!